Battery Chargers

With over 100 years of battery charging experience, AMETEK Prestolite Power continues to set the industry standard worldwide for superior battery charging solutions.

Industrial Battery Chargers

Accu Charger: Ferroresonant industrial battery chargers. Charges 100% discharged batteries in 8 hours or less.

Battery Mate 80 & 100: Single and three phase ferroresonant industrial battery chargers.  Chargers 80% discharged batteries in 8 hours or less.

Ultra Charger: Can charge flooded cell and sealed cell lead acid batteries of nearly any voltage or ampere-hour size 100% discharged in 8 hours.

Ultra Maxx Opportunity Charger: Chargers batteries to 80% in 3 hours or less. Uses BID module to monitor battery temperature during charge cycle to maximize battery life.

Equinox High Frequency Charger: Utilizing IGBT technology, offers high efficiency, precisely controlled curves, light weight and small size.